The History of Massage

history of massageMassage is known to have evolved for over 5,000 years and is considered a highly effective healing method. These technique originated from the customs of our ancient ancestors.

India, China and Egypt are some of the countries where massage emerged first. In all three countries they believed touch was a healing method. They used it to heal injuries, cure illness and it also worked as a stress reliever.

Massage has been passed down from generation to generation all the way up to the present day where it is practiced all over the world. Most people experience a great awakening and find it helpful in so many ways.

Surprisingly massage therapy has been shown to help premature babies gain weight more quickly. Most women find massage very relaxing during labor. Also, it works well for patients who are suffering from chronic back pain. Massage relives the back pain in as little as one session.

Research over the years has also shown that massage reduces symptoms caused by carpal tunnel and also strengthens the immune system naturally. It helps to reduce stress and anxiety and also helps reduce tearing and shorten recovery time from injuries. Additionally, massage therapy can help prevent juvenile diabetes because massage helps to reduce your blood glucose level.

Today, massage therapy is a rapidly growing profession and we even have schools all around the world that offer massage as a primary course. Schooling has helped massage therapists learn more about how to handle clients and make them feel comfortable during every session.

This type of healing therapy is considered nurturing and gentle compared to alternate methods. It is one of the cheapest ways to receive treatment because no chemicals are involved and it requires no expensive equipment or procedures. Massage therapists practice a lot of different techniques that originated in ancient times and have been perfected over generations of teaching and practicing.

Massage was once considered a luxurious activity only fit for the wealthy. Now many massage parlors have been opened with professionals offering their services at very affordable prices allowing everyone the opportunity to experience the amazing healing benefits associated with massage therapy. Join the thousands of people that prevent illness and injury while reducing stress and enjoying a relaxing massage.

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